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fowler is live outside of the headquarters there. john? >> reporter: we are here at the straining facility. you can see people gathered, cheering every car going in and out, the team arrived 45 minutes ago. >> reporter: they arrived on busesarve flying in -- buses after flying in where the fans welcomed home the team. the plane landed an hour later than scheduled. even some taking kids out of school. >> i didn't say what i was doing. i surprised them. i am excited. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: fans cheered their favorites. colin kaepernick in a ski hat waved. many fans wore his t-shirt. >> he is a great player. i love him.
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and he should keep going. [ cheers and applause ] >> we will be back next year. awesome feeling. they look down, though, don't you think so? >> reporter: 7 months they will be back on the field. you can see the arrival from chopper 2. many people wanted to say thank you for a thrilling season. coming up at 6:00 p.m. i will talk about the excitement the fans are feeling as the stadium takes shape. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> super bowl game was the third most watched program in history. 108.4million tvs were towned to the game -- tuned to the game. those super bowls and the finale of máaásáh are the only to top that mark. officials still don't know what caused the power to go out dooring that game.
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>> cameras were rolling inside the stadium's control room at the moment the blackout occurred. >> all right. we lost lights. all right. we are going to a manual -- >> power throughout the superdome was disrupted long with half of the lighting. it happened just after the start of the 3rd quarter. lasted for 35 minutes. the power came back after the system recycled. nfl commissioner roger goodel said it was not called by beyonce's performance. according to managers, an abnormality happened outside the stadium. no safety issues occurred. it is not the way the team wanted to leave new orleans but the 49ers have put the big easy behind them. ktvu's joe fonzi is live in new orleans, you were there as the team packed up and headed out.
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>> reporter: 49ers weren't the only one who were packing up today. i am at the nfl experience, in new orleans, it was the busiest place in town. remember all the $50, $60, $70 t-shirts? today they were telling for $5 because they were closing out for everybody. no use for anything with super bowl 47 on them. our stay started the way it ended today. we were here last sunday when the 49 buses pulled up. we were there this morning when they pulled out. they headed to three planes taking the players, staff, family member whose gathered in new orleans, home to the bay area, who arrived a short time ago. for the 49ers on the field it was obvious what their goal was this year, not just get to the super bowl but win the super bowl. they came up 5 yards short of that goal, now it is time to
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get regrouped for next season which will come around soon. we also saw something we have never seen before, brothers meeting to shake hands. >> toughest moment was walking across the field, you know if you could imagine you feel elation with an incredible amount of devastation. those feelings went hand and hand in that moment. i am still feeling it. it is just reality. she the best coach in the national football league. his record proves it over the last two season. what he has done is incredible. never been done before. i am really proud of him. >> we had a chance and we didn't close out. it came down to that. they battled. we put ourselves in a hole. we fought back. offense drove down. didn't put it in but, you know, not on them, on us. they put up too many points on
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our -- points on our defense. >> reporter: these guys all just kind of standing guard. last guys standing here at the nfl experience in new orleans. he will be available one more time to the media tomorrow in santa clara. reporting live from new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> coming up, next season is supposed to be the last one played at candlestick park, what will happen to the stadium and what is expected to replace it. the figure in a murder appeared in a courtroom today. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose where he talked with the family and tells us about their new legal strategy. robert? >> reporter: there is a push to speed up legal proceedings at this courthouse where they face charges in a murder. today family, friends and the attorney say prove the charges
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rer drop them. -- or drop them. >> reporter: they came to the court today, this is a picture in the courtroom this afternoon, where she was scheduled to enter a plea in the death of a man at his mansion on november 30. three men with gang connections face murder and robbery charges for killing him. >> when i seen my daughter, you know, she was broken. she can't believe this is happening. she doesn't understand why. my thing is prove it, show proof or set my daughter free. >> the family was frustrated because the prosecutor had another case and today's case was moved to wednesday. since they had most of the information sealed, the attorney said he is demanding they go to trial within 60 days, which he initially waved. >> she has been here a long time without a reason why she
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is in jail. >> reporter: the family denied reports she is a prostitute who knew him and supplied the suspects with information on him to help them with the robbery. >> reporter: does she know them -- >> she doesn't know them. she does not know them. >> reporter: the attorney for the defendant declined to comment but said she hasn't gotten paper work on the investigation either. the prosecutor was not available and they are scheduled to be in court on wednesday. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. san jose police are trying to track down those responsible for gunning down two teens last night. shots rang out after 9:00 p.m. across from a school. a 17-year-old was killed, another teen was wounded. he was with friends less than a mile from where he lives.
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a car pulled up and someone inside started asking questions and then a man got out and started shooting. the mother rushed to the scene after hearing about the shooting. >> she ran up to the body and, you know she was hysterical. it was really sad. >> police say the shooting appears to be gang related. it is they are 4th homicide of the year. sheriff's deputies arrested a woman on charges that she stabbed and killed her mother. julie franzen came to her neighbor's home this morning with blood on her hands and carrying a knife saying she stabbed someone. deputies responded and found nancy franzen dead in a bedroom of the home they shared. the victim had been stabbed several times. they took the daughter into custody. in berkeley police are arresting a day time shooting on a busy street before noon
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today. they responded to witness reports of gun shots. they found a male victim woo was shot -- who was shot. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. this is they are first killing of the year. witnesses say the victim was a black man in his 20s. at this point police haven't released his name. little boy held hostage for six days is safe after the fbi stormed a bunker in alabama. jimmy lee dykes shot and killed a school bus driver last week and abducted the boy. negotiations deteriorated this afternoon and that jimmy lee dykes was seen with agog, that is when they decided to -- with a gun, that is when they decided to enter the bunker. witnesses heard a explosion and
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gunfire. the boy has adhd and wasn't hurt. >> fbi agents fearing the child was in danger, entered and rescued the child. the child is physically unharmed and being treated at a local hospital. >> jimmy lee dykes was a vietnam veteran. he was known as a anti- government loaner. neighbors say he beat a dog to death once with a led pipe. president obama brought his push for gun control to minnesota today. he met with leaders in minneapolis on what the city has done to reduce gun violence. he is promoting a ban on assault weapons. he want to strengthen mental health screenings for gun buyers. >> john kerry reported for his first day on the job.
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john kerry received a cheering ovation today. he paid tripute to u.s. ambassador chris stevens and trie -- tribute to u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others killed in benghazi last year. >> i pledge to you this, i will not let their bravery be obscured by politics. >> secretary of state john kerry takes over for hillary clinton and he said i have big heels to feel. the government plans to file charges over the mortgage crisis. it involved s&p's ratings. the government said they over rated the debt and helped fuel the financial crisis. they say they didn't do anything wrong. on wall street today stocks had their worst day of the
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year. the dow is down 129 to 13,880. the nasdaq is down 47 at 3,131. the s&p is down 17 at 1,495. national leaders of the boy scouts are expected to consider dropping their ban on gay members this week. meanwhile they delivered petitions asking the boy scouts to do away with the a ban. last week leaders indicated they might allow each group to decide for itself whether or not to admit gays. first day back to school after the death of a classmate, how kids are coping and what police have to say about the investigation. >> a crash killed one person, what police are telling us about a drive of one of the cars. >> and the third driest january on record, will we continue dry this week?
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i will have the details, there are some changes headed your way. first ♪ [ male announcer ] get speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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presidents from colleges facing off with the nra, in washington, d.c. they are calling for a law banning gun trafficking and said they support banning high powered fire arms. the college presidents are pointing to the connecticut shooting but the 2007 shooting spree at virginia tech. >> we got four kids, they went to a school that looked like that school and i just think there was something about that that has got people demanding action. >> the national rifle association opposes new restrictions, which it says would infringe on ownership rights. first day back at school for a slain 13-year-old as police continue their investigation, ktvu's ann rubin
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is live with what they have been able to rule out as being connected to her death. >> reporter: police were parked here in front of green valley middle school today to investigate and to handle the media. they have been working around the clock trying to figure out who took her life. >> reporter: at green valley middle school grief counselors were on hand helping students cope. >> it was a sad day for a lot of kids. >> she was a really good person. she was a friend to a lot of us here. so it is pretty bad. >> reporter: the first day back since it happened. the body of the victim was found friday. authorities have yet to release her identity or manner of death but they are making progress in the investigation following some leads. >> we are confident what happened had nothing to do with the school, any school related activities. >> reporter: a memorial
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continues to grow. one person who came, she didn't know the victim but knew her foster family. >> i hope i lived there too, and they are great people. >> reporter: a spokes men released a statement saying they are cooperating with authorities. >> makes me want to cry. i want to cry right now. breaks my heart. >> just pray that they capture this person and justice is done. >> reporter: the victim's cousin said the family is planning a candlelight vigil. it will be held at annadel state park friday at 6:30 p.m. students are planning a memorial this week. live, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. one person died, three hurt in a horrific car crash today in oakland. it happened about 11:30 a.m. this morning.
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witnesses say a woman in a stolen jeep smashed into a car and flipped. police say the driver of the jeep was killed and one other person was hurt. one woman hurried to the scene after a relative said her sister was in a car accident. >> i was in shock. i thought she was dead. the way her car looked, we were like -- somebody -- the girl is okay. so it was a big relief. >> she says her sister called her and told her she will be fine. san jose police are looking for whoever was operating a marijuana grow house that yielded a half million dollars worth of marijuana plants. firefighters found the plants when they responded to a garage fire. they called police. officers found even more. >> once we assisted fire we went up stairs and we found
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more rooms with marijuana. we sense seized them. >> no one was home and no one has been arrested. investigators say the fire may have started with a wiring that was used to by-pass the meter. police discovered a marijuana grow while responding to a report a man burned himself. the firefighters responded to the call yesterday afternoon that a small explosion injured the man while using a cigarette. he had burns on his hands. they took him to the hospital and so far they have not arrested anyone in connection with the operation. the california supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments tomorrow on whether communities have the right to ban medical marijuana dispensary. this case grows out of a lawsuit. local communities cannot ban activities that are legal under
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state law. the league says local communities have broad rights to decide what kind of businesses they will allow. there will be no charges filed against san francisco giants pitcher sergio romo following an incident in las vegas -- an incident in las vegas. he was detained at san jose mineta airport after he got angry and abusive after failing to provide identification. he faced a possibility of six months in jail and a fine but the district attorney said the county doesn't want to spend the time and money needed to pursue the case. chapter closed in the abuse of a dozen mentally disabled assaults in san jose. the last defendant pleaded no contest. five people were accused of starving and beating the disabled people. they were denied food, bathing and toilet paper.
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they face up to four years each in prison. one has spent a year in jail and a fifth died while in custody. apple and other california retailers won a victory today over consumer privacy. the state supreme court ruled that they may require online customers to provide home addresses and phone numbers. a law banned companies from asking for personal information but others argued they can't see a customer's photo i.d. and must ask for other information to fight credit card fraud. they called the decision a major loss for consumers. three months after capsizing on san francisco bay, the racing lot relaunched today. the defenders unveiled their new ac72 at peer 80 today. this is the first day the boat has been on the water since
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october. oracle is building a second boat that it expects to launch in the spring. san francisco hosts the races in september. >> that is one good looking boat. it was over cast for much of the day seemed like. >> showers headed our way. a change in the forecast, the weather has been outstanding. the third driest january on record. that is a big deal in san francisco and we are not going to see rain right away. let's go outside. i will show you the numbers. livermore 65 degrees. day time highs. antioch 62. this pocket down here, those were the warm spots. towards specificca, you are in the 50s. definitely a warm -- pacifica, you are in the 50s. definitely a warm day. here is the system. it will push down through the bay area towards the end of the
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week. what we are worried about is the valley fog. you see that fog? burns off. there it is. fog. we had fog this morning. a lot of it. it will be back again tomorrow morning. visibilities -- not like its down to couple hundred feet or less, i mean, i think it has been okay but be ready. clouds in the morning. temperatures right now in the 50s. temperatures tomorrow they will be like today but cooler because we will see more high clouds. this is the cloud forecast. i have dialed it in with the communities so it is picking up the fog. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, looking for fog. you can see it, right? that makes sense right there. that makes sense right there. and we have a coastal thing going on. coastal fog. mondays are gloomy.
5:24 pm
gloomy morning. tomorrow afternoon, the high clouds come in. the fog tries to clear but it will be a slow burn off like today. tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny again. that puts our temperatures tomorrow back into the mid-50s, upper 50s. over night lows tonight, above freezing. but still chilly in the spots you expect it to be. fairfield, santa rosa, antioch. when i come back, 5:45 p.m. we will go boom, boom, boom, through the week. when the chances for showers are and what the bay area weekend looks like. i will see you back here. new details on a deadly tour bus crash in southern california. what records show about the history of the company that operated that bus. >> a 500-year-old cold case solved. the search for royal remains ends in a parking lot. q
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the death toll in the southern california tour bus crash has went down. it over turned on highway 38 last night, 80 miles east of los angeles. -- east of los angeles. 7 people were killed, not 8 as first reported. 20 people were injured. the company that owns the bus failed a third of federal vehicle safety inspections over the last two years. now investigators are looking at the possibility that the
5:28 pm
bus' breaks may have failed. tourist helped save a man from drowning in san francisco this morning. he called 911 and reported a man in the water yelling for help near the peer. crews responded quickly and sent a rescue boat to the scene. the man was 100 yards off shore and been in the water for a half hour. >> once our boat arrived on scene we guided the lighting in the direction of the person and we pulled the person on to the rescue boat. >> he was taken to the hospital. officials say he was suffering from hypothermia. after five hundred years the long lost remains of king richard has been found. researchers ought the university of leicester found athe remains last year under a -- found the remains last year
5:29 pm
under a parking lot. researchers matched dna from a relative and say it matched the description of the king. he was the last to rule before the tutors took over in the 1480s. a car found has major ties to major crimes here. the latest from the investigation that deals with a newspaper you may read every day. >> the clock is counting down on candlestick park, what we learned about a demolition day for the stick. ♪
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♪ [ engine revs ] [ female announcer ] small... [ engine revs ] wicked... ♪ and now... ♪ topless. ♪ the fiat 500 abarth cabrio. ♪ complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> a break in the case. we reported on three months
5:32 pm
ago. police get a clue after stopping a stolen vehicle. there has been a string of burglaries of homes, most with a common link in walnut creak. police say a piece of paper found inside a stolen car is giving them information. ktvu's paul chambers is live with today's developments. paul? >> reporter: today we learned police made the break. these people are criminals who target customers of the contra costa times. they go to their homes when they are on vacation because the contra costa times has a vacation hold list when they are out of town. >> reporter: there have been 10 burglaries. some are on the contra costa times vacation list. residents are being kept in a loop. >> we have an alarm. we set our alarm for basic stuff. >> reporter: last month police got a break in the case when
5:33 pm
officers fulled over a car. the car owner ran inside for a moment and left the vehicle running when it was stolen. >> officers located the car. they stopped it and took two people into custody. the suspects came in another stolen vehicle. that car was recovered here. inside important information that links them to the crime. >> next day they came in to the police department and gave items that didn't belong to them and that is where theviction list was -- theivation list was -- the vacation list was found. >> the contra costa times is doing their own investigation and have changed on how they do their vacation hold list. live, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 27-year-
5:34 pm
old man this morning. police responded to a report of gunfire about 2:20 a.m. this morning and a second report a man's body was found. the victim was on a sidewalk. they say he was shot several times and pronobsed dead -- pronounced dead at the scene. it is up to governor jerry brown whether to parole bruce davis. the board recommended releasing him from prison. bruce davis is 70 years old and served 40 years of a life sentence for taking part in the murders. he was not involved in the sharon tate killing. he has become a christian in prison pris. en. -- prison. judge set a hearing on a request in a case of a man in
5:35 pm
the case of murdering an intern. he was convicted in 2010 of murdering her. the judge held two close door hearings in the case and wouldn't cay what they were about -- say what they were about. san francisco police chief says officers kept problems to a minimum after the 49ers loss in the super bowl. officers made 25 arrests for public drunkenness and one arrest for attempted arson. when a man tried to set a tree on fire. the chief says there were no reports of other crimes associated with the super bowl like pickpocketing or muggings. police worked with deputies, firefighters and muni to come up with a trag ate to -- strategy to keep the streets safe. look that demolition
5:36 pm
schedule for candlestick park. ktvu's david stevenson is live with what will take its place and a special request season ticket holders are making. >> reporter: with the 49ers winding down their commitment to candlestick park the days are now numbers and demolition could begin in 16 months. [ music playing ] >> reporter: it hosted everything from the beetles to the catch that rocked pro football. but with the 49ers set to move next season, candlestick park is set to be demolished june of next year. san francisco is getting ready to turn the title over to lunar corporation. they plan to develop a shopping district and wants to demolish candlestick park as soon as possible. >> it is a bad idea to have big
5:37 pm
empty buildings adjacent to neighborhoods. we think it will be a good idea to accelerate. >> reporter: the last big implosion was 14 years ago. once candlestick park is take down they plan to recycle portions of it. >> we will as a city have a conversation about how to say good-bye to the stadium. it is a place people have, you know, a life time of memories. >> reporter: people like this. >> i feel like it should be an event that could keep the stadium up for it. it is a great stadium. >> reporter: they are planning a small performance arena for concerts and sports event. the rebuild is expected to take about 10 years. reporting live at candlestick
5:38 pm
park david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> coming up, the effort to make the bay area super bowl host and the chances it could be played at the new 49ers stadium. most americans took a break from their devices last night, except tvs showing the super bowl. internet usage dropped 15% around the super bowl. it happened even though millions pounded out tweets and facebook upidates during the -- updates during the commercials. osama bin laden and an amusement park, the odd connection and how it relates to where he was killed. >> and we know better than to memess with texas, who is leadi a call for californians to move to the loan star state. ?ñ
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officials announced plans for a amusement park in the town where osama bin laden was killed. navy s.e.a.l. storms the compound two years ago. it was later torn down and now construction is about to begin on a riverside complex. it will have a wildlife zoo, paragliding and a water park. they say they are trying to boost tourism in the region.
5:42 pm
the sky diver fell faster than he or anyone thought he jumped. the numbers were released today, fearless felix reached 843 miles per hour in october. that is mock 1.25. faster than previously thought. he was the first hume toon break the sound bear -- human to break the sound barrier with his body. mcdonalds is introducing fish mcbites. bite size pieces of fish. they are rolling out to coincide with lent. the governor of texas regarded radio ads inviting california businesses to consider moving to texas. wide open for business. the adds run for a week in san
5:43 pm
francisco, los angeles, sacramento and san diego. the campaign tells california businesses you might want to check out texas where you will face less regulations and lower taxes. the government cast doubt on whether iran cast a monkey into space and whether it came back live. today the state department said a photo looked very different from the one that lifted off. officials say there was no hoax that someone accidentally released another photo of a different monkey. [ cheers and applause ] no ordinary home coming game, the agency it belongs to and the controversy it created next on the ktvu channel 2 news special report. >> and i am back here in 10 minutes, we haven't seen rain in a while, rain in the
5:44 pm
forecast, clouds thicken up, i will let you know when the rain arrives and how long it sticks around.
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[ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. a police helicopter used for the home coming ceremony at a he can football game -- high school football game, the football drop was paid for by our tax dollar and the agents may not have gotten clooense to do -- clearance to do it. >> reporter: home coming, 2012.
5:47 pm
the band was playing, the cheerleaders playing. but suddenly, there it was. a state department of justice helicopter buzzing the field on door special agents. and watch what he does here. ktvu learned the agent was dropping a football to his son a senior on the team. >> you recognize that helicopter? >> i can't confirm. >> reporter: he says the agent was not alerted about the plan. it cost $1,300, not including personnel. >> there needs to be a investigation. >> reporter: he is with the taxpayers association, he believes taxpayers got ripped off. >> when the state cries it
5:48 pm
doesn't have enough money and now that californians are paying the highest tax in american, to see this abuse we think is outrageous. >> it appears to be a misuse of state property. >> the doj said the helicopter is used for drug raids and that a special agent in the drug unit was on board but didn't give his name. they are in the process of making big changes because of this. >> i will approve any authorize use of the helicopter as we move forward. >> the department says it would not reveal if anyone received disciplinary action. but we learned one person was placed on leave for a substantial amount of time. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. under a new program victims of sexual assault in the air force will have a voice in court. the special victim's counsel
5:49 pm
program assign as trained military attorney to anyone reporting sexual assault. the attorneys won't be from the same base and any conversations will be covered by attorney- client privilege. >> what the we home is the sexual assault victims as they go through the process they don't feel like they are revictimized by participating. >> the pentagon estimates 19,000 sexual sexual assaults happened last year. virgin america says they plan to begin flying between san jose and los angeles may 1. they will have four flights a day. tickets for the flights go on sale tomorrow. an audit said the faa isn't moving fast enough to improve safety on smaller airlines.
5:50 pm
the faa needs to move faster on safety standards, rest periods for pilots. the change is mandated after a crash outside of new york. the audit says the faa is taking longer than expected to publish new requirements for all airlines. 9 years ago today the way people communicate change forever. facebook was launched exactly 9 years ago. facebook now has a billion members who spend 700 billion minutes a month on facebook. facebook is also available in 70 languages and the company has been valued at $50 billion. sports fans bet $98.9 million on the super bowl. the nevada game and control board said they made $7.3 million on a wide range of super bowl bets, 2 dozen bets related to colin kaepernick who played college football in nevada.
5:51 pm
one that lost money was a long shot bet on whether there would be a safety that was called by the ravens during the final four seconds. >> 9ers fans woke up in a gloomy mood. the sun came out this afternoon and it will come out again tomorrow. temperatures have been on the mild side. 65 degrees in livermore today. cooler tomorrow. showing this system. nice looking system. towards the tail end. this will glide through the bay area through the week. what happens with that, towards thursday we have a shot for sprinkles. but it doesn't look like a big deal. look, they are lined up out here, that is just one thing that will slide through. doesn't look like there is a lot behind it. we aren't getting the rain we
5:52 pm
would like to see. but showers are in the forecast. we will take what we can get. here is how it breaks down. system today, high pressure, lot of fog. tomorrow a lot of fog again. be ready for that. tomorrow and wednesday, this high pressure stays put. so that will continue that fog pattern we saw today. here we are, 8:00 a.m. so high clouds too. right? high clouds too. that high. this is fog up here in the north bay. fog along the coast. coastal and valley fog. tomorrow night, not too bad. high clouds. things clear out. clearing tomorrow. nice day tomorrow. not that different from today. wednesday morning, clear. then wednesday afternoon. clear. here comes this. then you get into thursday morning. you look at that. right? the foot print of the system is not one of one that will drop a lot of rain but we will be
5:53 pm
watching. right now looks like a weak weather system thursday. mid-morning. 58 degrees in vallejo. mild. nice. but, you know, nothing real -- nothing real beefy in terms of the weather, rain department. chance of showers on thursday. the bay area weekend, more dry. you know -- >> at this point it is starting to get -- >> we will go below 100%, yeah. you sure do, we will get rain in here, the soonther better. >> -- sooner the better. >> thank you. we went through some of the super bowl commercials, which are resonating with viewers and how one company took advantage of the power outage with the clever use of social media.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we know who won the super bowl but which ads came out on top. the super bowl ad meter ranks the ads. >> what is the hold up? [ music playing ] >> this ad featuring men playing dress up came in number four in the survey. number three paid tribute to
5:57 pm
farmers, gorgeous photos provided the back drop based on the story of creation. >> on the 8th day, god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a care taker so god made a farmer. >> 49ers fans may not have liked this ad, a man fines a stain in the image of joe montana but his wife a baltimore ravens' fan washed it out. but the number one ad was this tearjerker. a horse trainer who is reunited with the horse he raised from births. one of the most creative ads wasn't on television but on twitter. during the power outage that stopped the game they tweeted this photo and said you can still dunk in the dark. the ads no longer remain a big
5:58 pm
secret, many were previewed well before the big game. even as the boeing 787 dreamliners remains grounded boeing is builting the next generation of that plane -- building the next generation of that plane. more body sections built in italy are expected next week. the new plane would carry 40 more passengers than the current model for a total of 300. and it would use the same batteries that led officials to ground the dreamliner. an acid leak sends a driver to had hospital. coming up in 2 minutes, how it happened and why the neighborhood wasn't in danger. >> and the game is over but the super bowl dream is still alive in the south bay, the chances the 49ers have to play host at their new home in santa clara.
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